Monthly Archives: June 2013

Roll Call Live

The Roll Call page is now live.

I have only listed email addresses and phones numbers for registered members, in fact the whole page should be invisible to non-members.

Please let me know if you can fill in any of the “unknowns”.

Comments Working

I’ve just realised that comments weren’t working, having tried to comment on one of my own posts!

One of the anti-spam filters that I installed was preventing comments from being posted. Apologies if any of you have tried, and failed, to comment – please try again!

Website Tweaks

I’ve made a few tweaks to the site today:

  • There’s now a log in/log out menu item (at the top of the page) which knows if you’ve logged in or not
  • The Roll Call page, although still empty, is only available to logged in members
  • Similarly, the Forums are only available to logged in members
  • Your avatar (graphic logo) can be changed in your Profile page: Site Admin > Profile
  • The Forums are more friendly, showing unread threads, allowing attachment uploads and quoting previous posts

More soon, including a Photo Gallery!

Let me know in the Website Forum if you have any ideas. And don’t forget to change your password the first time you log in: Site Admin > Profile

50th Anniversary Reunion

What a great idea – a reunion to celebrate 50 years since we started “big school”.

Not my idea, Mark’s in fact.

So let’s make it happen. If you’re in contact with anyone from our year, or any of the teachers, please point them to this site and encourage them to register. We’ve got two years to track everyone down, definitely possible.

No firm plans yet, obviously, but a dinner at the school would probably be appropriate and I’d like to invite any surviving members of staff along as well.

Please make any of your own suggestions in the comments below or in the Reunion (Major) forum.

QEH on youtube

Lots of videos about QEH and made by QEH pupils on youtube. Here are a couple of my favourites:

Library Gunfight

“I Gotta Feelin'” LibDub

Photos from Roy S

Some more photos of last week’s mini-reunion, from Roy:

Mini-Reunion Bristol

Many thanks to David D for organising this mini-reunion. Nine of us met at the Eldon House (memories! – mainly of detention) and went on to Café Rouge on Park Street for dinner. Until next time!