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The 425 Old Boys’ Annual Dinner (425) Saturday 7 November

From Andrew L-B:

Dear OE/Friend of QEH

The 425 Old Boys’ Annual Dinner (425) Saturday 7 November at 7.30pm

Chris Bater is nobly organising the Old Boys’ Dinner again this year. He has enlisted my support in getting out details to all OEs, staff and friends of QEH.

With little over a month to go, Chris needs final numbers very soon but there is still time to book a place(s) at this great event.

In this our 425th year, a continued bonus is that we can still hold the dinner at school in the Dining Hall. This year we expect to have a record number of staff coming – including Ken Matthews, Ted Young, John Walker, Richard Jones, Dave Perkins, Steve Ryan, Richard Gliddon, Sarah Cosgrove, Bill Ellis, Peter Kirby … .

It is always excellent to have Year groups attending (we have a regular dozen or so from 1969). If you are celebrating an anniversary, this is a great moment to organise your peers together. There is still time if you get a move on! It is usually easy enough to do (and I am happy to help with contacts) and we can guarantee that you have a hugely memorable evening together. These are the obvious ones:

1945 STARTERS – 70 Year Anniversary – Already organised
1955 Leavers/Starters – 60 Year Anniversary
1965 Leavers/Starters – 50 Year Anniversary
1975 Leavers/Starters – 40 Year Anniversary
1985 Leavers/Starters – 30 Year Anniversary
1990 Leavers/Starters – 25 Year Anniversary – 400th Year
1995 Leavers/Starters – 20 Year Anniversary
2000 Leavers/Starters – 15 Year Anniversary
2005 Leavers/Starters – 10 Year Anniversary
2010 Leavers – 5 Year Anniversary

It is worth noting that in the last couple of years the Old Boys have made a great effort to make the evening more ‘user friendly’ with less speechifying etc. so that you have even more time to socialise with old friends. We think the new format will make for an even better evening for all, and more interesting for the younger OEs who we are also keen to attract. There is also a great bar (real ale) provided by the Eldon House!

Tickets are £42.00 for a really good evening. The menu and further details can be found on:

 I will be running the usual Tour & Tea with Steve Ryan in the afternoon if you are interested, so you can roll this into a day/weekend of activities if you are trying to organise a Year group reunion. Again, details on the website.

Please do your best to attend this or, indeed, any of the other QEH events during the year – you’ll not regret it, I promise.

Best wishes

Andrew (Lewis-Barned)

Development Director


50th Anniversary Reunion – 12 September 2015

The School has agreed in principle to a tour of the school on the afternoon of 12 Sep. There are, of course, no boarders nowadays, so the school is normally closed at weekends. It’s very kind of them to even consider us.

The proposal for the day is:

1200: Narrow Boat Cruise on the Avon – lunch
1600: Tour of the school – afternoon tea?
1900: Dinner in local restaurant

The list of “65ers” that we know about is on the Roll Call page. (You need to be registered and logged-in to see this page.) To register, please go to the Registration page.

Here’s hoping we get a big turn-out in September!

Roll Call Live

The Roll Call page is now live.

I have only listed email addresses and phones numbers for registered members, in fact the whole page should be invisible to non-members.

Please let me know if you can fill in any of the “unknowns”.

QEH on youtube

Lots of videos about QEH and made by QEH pupils on youtube. Here are a couple of my favourites:

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