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Comments Working

I’ve just realised that comments weren’t working, having tried to comment on one of my own posts!

One of the anti-spam filters that I installed was preventing comments from being posted. Apologies if any of you have tried, and failed, to comment – please try again!

Website Tweaks

I’ve made a few tweaks to the site today:

  • There’s now a log in/log out menu item (at the top of the page) which knows if you’ve logged in or not
  • The Roll Call page, although still empty, is only available to logged in members
  • Similarly, the Forums are only available to logged in members
  • Your avatar (graphic logo) can be changed in your Profile page: Site Admin > Profile
  • The Forums are more friendly, showing unread threads, allowing attachment uploads and quoting previous posts

More soon, including a Photo Gallery!

Let me know in the Website Forum if you have any ideas. And don’t forget to change your password the first time you log in: Site Admin > Profile