Website Tweaks

I’ve made a few tweaks to the site today:

  • There’s now a log in/log out menu item (at the top of the page) which knows if you’ve logged in or not
  • The Roll Call page, although still empty, is only available to logged in members
  • Similarly, the Forums are only available to logged in members
  • Your avatar (graphic logo) can be changed in your Profile page: Site Admin > Profile
  • The Forums are more friendly, showing unread threads, allowing attachment uploads and quoting previous posts

More soon, including a Photo Gallery!

Let me know in the Website Forum if you have any ideas. And don’t forget to change your password the first time you log in: Site Admin > Profile

1 thought on “Website Tweaks

  1. Avatarchris Post author

    The Photo Gallery is now online, with two Albums: ‘Then’ and ‘Now’.

    I’ve still got some work to do writing the Help Pages, but in the meantime:

    If you want the photos to be seen straight away, probably the best way is to create a new post and add the media photos to the post.

    To do this, log into the site, go to Site Admin > Posts > Add new. Write your text, add a title then click on the Add Media button to upload photos. When I see the new post I’ll add the photos to the Gallery as well.

    Alternatively, once you’ve logged in, you could go to Gallery > Add New Gallery/Images and do it all there. You’ll need to create a new Gallery to upload the photos to, and I recommend something 1280px x 1024px or greater, since there’s an option to scale them to that anyway (your 480 x 360 photos are a little small, don’t worry about uploading much larger images, up to 1mb or so, I’ll sort it out!).

    The Gallery is still brand new and I’ll still getting my head around it. Please experiment and try some more uploads, both to a post and to the Gallery, and I’ll set to work writing a help page…

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